Boom!! Joe Sulse Wins Tosa!!!


In a spirited ride today Joe Sulse of the Hollander Benelux Racing Team presented by Badger Alloys won the East Tosa Grand Prix as part of the Tour of America’s Dairyland. The team rallied to establish Joe in a XX break. This lead grouped lapped the field and consisted of race leader Heagney (Intelligentsia) and Berry Rohling not before¬†Berry attacked dropping Heagney and in doing so taking the overall lead.

Unfazed and determined to redeem the previous nights near miss – Sulse head on tight -rode with victory in mind. After the group lapped the field, the team went into protect mode; making sure Joe was set for the win.

Heagney after licking his wounds was not ready to go down without a fight and had his team lined up at the front for the finish. Out of the last corner Heagney sitting second and two of Joe’s breakaway companions in front of him, the sprint opened. Pushing to his right Sulse passed Berry Rohling and former BMC pro Michael Sayers for the win and came within a half of bike of passing Heagney (1 lap down) for the outright win.

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