Hollander Benelux Win – WCA Memorial Racing Weekend

First off, thank you Team Velocause and Team Wisconsin for making South Eastern Wisconsin a destination for Memorial Weekend racing.

Today, at the MOSH Race (Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital) Ryan White of Hollander Benelux Racing took the win in the M123 category. A wet course, but warm by recent Wisco standards, and Ryan’s technical skill put him on the top step. Team Wisconsin fielded 9 guys in the race up against a solo Hollander.  Ryan attacked, and attacked, and attacked again till it was just down to him and 3 Team Wisconsin guys. In the end Ryan was able to power through for the WIN!!

This is Ryan’s 5th podiums in a row! Keep Rollin!

Winner, winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

Winner, winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

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