Did you ever find the thing?

Dudes Hanging Out Riding Bikes


The thing that makes the world fall away. The thing that sets and resets you? Where you get to live within yourself and along the way uniquely experience a life that not many have lived?
In 2016 make it a point to find that thing. This sentence is preaching to the choir who associate with the Orange Blur but riding a bike really makes you free.


Riverwest 24 Hour Race There are a couple things that happened this year in Wisconsin that have really made bicycling connect deeper to the culture of the people who ride here.
There are many more so please add them in the comments below…
• High school mountain bike teams and the folks that make that so successful
• BMX Racing where most of us started
• Masters Cycling Racing Teams shifting their focus to support and growing the sport
• IS Corp’s Women’s Pro Team
• RAW – Race Across America
• Race the Lake
• Rays MTB
• Dream Bikes
• Wisconsin Bike Fed
• Small group rides throughout South Eastern Wisco
o TuTH
o Drop the Doc
o Highland House
o Tuesday night ride @ Hollander
• WE Energies building bike paths
• Draft and Vessel for getting bike parking in the street
• ToAD
• All the local bike shops that continue to be awesome community members
• Meeting Jens Voight
• The bike lanes everywhere in Wisconsin
• To people stopping when you have a flat to make sure everything is OK
• Your riding buddy

BMW Racing Is Awesome

Wisconsin is awesome for riding a bike and this community is unique to be part of. So ride more miles in 2016, have more fun, spend more time doing your thing. Spread the love of cycling and maybe more people will join in.

IS Corps - Womens Pro Team

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